Assessing Your Athlete to Prevent Injury

Assessing your athlete is very beneficial

Want to help prevent injury and improve your athletes performance? There are 7 postural assessments that can be done by a parent or a coach that will do just that. Identifying any weaknesses or dysfunctions early will allow you to make corrections before they cause an injury. A video from the Art of Coaching Volleyball demonstrates the 7 postural movement tests below that you can do at home or in the gym with your athlete.

  1. Shoulder mobility

  2. Air squat and overhead squat

  3. Plank

  4. Hurdle test

  5. Hamstring asymmetry

  6. Hip flexor & quadricep tightness

  7. Trunk rotation

With KAOS Volleyball and Fitness Training, your athlete will be assessed further to help minimize the chance of injury. To correct any of the weaknesses or dysfunctions I (Coach Karlynn) will design a training program specific to your athlete that will include stretching techniques and performance training. SIGN UP TODAY!

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