Get Excited about Meal Planning

This past weekend I decided I needed to start meal planning again. I had stopped for a while because I did not schedule time for it and so I was just winging it. Winging it only works for a while and is hard when you work 5 days a week, have family obligations and want time to relax. So I decided Sunday was my day and I did it. I started by pulling out my cookbooks for some inspiration. It also helped to get me excited about meal planning and grocery shopping for the ingredients.

These are the books I use for my inspiration this time around. I use vegan and vegetarian cookbooks as my base for meals. Some days I will only eat a vegan or vegetarian meals, but most of the time I incorporate a lean protein. And since the weather is nice, I thought it would be a great time to cook outside so I pulled out my grilling book too. We stay indoors too much, we need a change of scenery to help us stick to our healthier habits.

Meal planning for most seems daunting and time consuming. It can be but if you plan it over a few days, it will make things easier. Over the next few weeks I am going to share with you my meal planning strategies to help you get excited about changing your eating habits. It isn't a diet, I'm not counting calories, I am becoming more aware of what I eat and how much of it. Follow me on my journey and see how excited I get when I create a dish and the fact that it is helping me get healthier is a huge bonus. You might even see me post a picture of me dancing in the kitchen.

#LetsGetKAOtic and get excited about meal planning

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