Kick off your Summer's Resolution

Wednesday June 5th is National Running Day. This day occurs every first Wednesday in June, so why not make this your first challenge in your Summer’s Resolution. You don’t have to run a marathon or sign up for a big race. Today set a goal distance for yourself to reach by June 5th. Team up with your friends and family and make a game out of it. One suggestion would be to wager on who can go the furthest by June 5th, winner gets the loot. This is an easy way to get motivated to get back into shape, start a workout routine, and become a better you.

Create a Training Plan

Begin by creating a training plan so that you can pace yourself. Run a little every day, even if it is just down to the street corner or two houses down and work to improve on that daily. You will be running past your goal before you know it. Use this opportunity to being eating better. What you put in your body effects how you perform in fitness.

Don't stop after meeting your goal on June 5th

This will be a small step towards accomplishing your goal of becoming a healthier version of yourself. This road to improvement is a journey that will take some time, so don't rush it. You are not just trying to get that summer body, you are taking the first step in making a lifestyle change. Lets get KAOtic and start on your summer's resolution today by training for National Runner's Day. You can do this.

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