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May 2019

July 2019

The woman on the left...she wanted so DESPERATELY to start a journey towards redefining of herself... both INSIDE and out. But FEAR kept her from taking that first step.

I could remember thinking …

"This is my life. I can't change it."

"I do not have TIME to exercise. I

am barely holding my head above water now."

“Your kids come FIRST, then focus on you”

“I am a mom and a wife now, NOTHING more”

“What will OTHERS think of me?”

“I’m stuck”

“How does SHE do it… and I can’t”

“Stop complaining… be happy”

These were the types of FEAR-filled thoughts that would run through my head daily.

One day I decided… no more NEGATIVITY. Life is TOO SHORT and

it is okay to FOCUS on me. Figure out who I am outside of mom and wife.

It was tough. And the weight loss didn’t magically change my way of thinking. I had to push myself on the INSIDE just like I did on the outside.

I am now happier

I am now energetic

I am now positive

I am now a better mom and wife

I am now a better person

I am still a work in PROGRESS.

I am NOT perfect

At times I will slide back into old habits… but not for long, I climb right back out. Because those old habits feel good at first, then they bring you down as that negativity starts to creep back in.

Taking that first step helped to me REDEFINE myself and push out the negativity.

I have this drive to help other women do the same…​I will personally be investing in other women who are looking to redefine themselves… INSIDE and out. It’s time to start focusing on you and start taking ACTION! Reach out!

I can’t wait to chat with you.

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