We need to DO better

Life is tough, there is no getting around that. And sometimes we let it get the best of us. We get stuck in ruts and routines and accept it as the norm.

It's a struggle

I get it, it's hard to not do what is easiest or accept things for what they are. For me, between kids, work, fitness and volleyball, it is so much easier to just sit on the sofa watching Hulu or Netflix while the kids play in their room or eat a meal that was prepared from some bag of frozen food. For others it might be easier to put on your sweatpants and eat that leftover pizza. It's a struggle sometimes especially when you're tired. I am right there with you. There are times that I just sit and tune out all the other noises (1 min max) so I can have a mini mental break.

You have to push through

I told myself this year I am going to push through the tired and get in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. I love fitness and helping people do better. I love volleyball and helping players perform better. I felt it was time for me to push through that wall, jump over that hurdle. It hasn't been easy; there have been days that I said "I'm too tired to do my 30 min exercise or make a balanced meal for my kids or clean out my closet". Then one day becomes a week, then a month until I am back to where I was at the beginning of the year. Mental hurdles are the hardest to push through, but

We have to DO better

I know, I know we hear this all the time, from so many people. But we really need to DO better, not just for our families but for ourselves. I have people who depend on me daily, so it is so important for me to take the time and extra energy to get in that 30 min workout or give my kids a balance meal or taking the time to teach them new things or take more time for myself. For those of you who don't have kids or a significant other, you have to do better to get to that happy place, to that place you have dreamed your life would be or how you feel you should look in the mirror. The next step doesn't have to be a big one. Take as many little steps as you need to push over the hurdle. Each step will make you feel accomplished and that much closer to your goals. It is by no means a race; those new habits will take some time to stick and become routine. And don't try to compete with your neighbor, best friend, relative, etc. We all have our own paths, journeys and goals and we will accomplish them at our own pace; everyone's situation is unique.

I am here to assist you

If you need someone to help you make that push, I am her for you. I will even help you define your problem and find the solution so that you can begin to do better. I believe that improving in fitness is a great way to start doing better. It helps to clear your mind, relieve stress, bring in all the feel good hormones. I know I have some set packages on my website but if you are struggling and this post speaks to you, send me a message on the sign-up page with "I want to DO better" in the subject line and I will work with you or you and a buddy. I will motivate you so that you can push over that hurdle and Do better.


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