Why not a Summer Resolution?

Every year we make New Year's Resolutions to be healthier and more physically fit. And every year most of us don't make it past March. Whether it was because we couldn't make the habit stick or we couldn't fit it in our schedules.

Don't give up!

I have struggled with this too and the worst thing you can do is beat yourself up. We are human, life happens. I found myself thinking more about how I failed at meeting my goal and less about why I didn't meet them. Most of the time it's because I keep putting myself last. I have 3 kids and a husband (4th kid 😁) and I would do anything for them, including putting my fitness and health on the back burner. Eventually I would become depressed and begin having negative thoughts about everything. When this happens we are of no use to our families or ourselves. We have to lift ourselves out of the slump and start thinking positive again. I want to help you get back on track this summer.

You can do this!

Let's make a Summer's Resolution to evaluate what went wrong in March and fix it in June. I will help you design a program that you can stick to and finish 2019 strong.


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